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Haier America
Main address: 1356 Broadway 10018 New York NY
1-212-594-3330, , http://www.haieramerica.com/en/support/contact_form
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  • Oct 01
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Pembroke Pines, Florida
  • Haier Portable Ac
  • 27

I bought a Haier portable a/c from hh Gregg and found the instructions were not clear or accurate. I contacted their customer service and their so called corporate office to find out Haier does NOT offer assistance to help with installation.?? How can to manufacture a product and NOT have experts in your company to resolve issues? I got no where. Who makes Haier products? I have wasted my time... Read more

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  • Sep 19
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Faulty Refrigerator
  • 12

Bought a fridge from them. The light in the fridge went out fairly quickly and then it was all downhill from there. The lining that connects the fridge door to the fridge is cheap and fell apart after about a year or so The freezer cant keep ice cream frozen the fridge itself barely feels cool at times and it has leaked several times at the bottom. I wont buy another Haier product. The... Read more

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  • Sep 15
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Poca, West Virginia
  • Haier Tv
  • 1
  • 1
  • 52

Bought a Haier television from Amazon and it quit working a month before the end of the warranty. After reading on the internet it was a common problem with their televisions and like everybody else they declined to fix it. I called them at least 10 times and they would always assure me in a nice voice they were going to take care of it but they never did a thing. The repair shop finally... Read more

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  • Sep 05
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • New York, New York
  • Portable Washer
  • 22

I purchased a portable washer in May of this year, at first it was working fine but one day when I went to remove the clothes they were soaking wet. The machine would not spin. I then put it on just the spin cycle nothing happened. I will never purchase another item from haier again. They won't even give me a new machine. I really believe the machine I purchased is refurbished. I called the... Read more

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  • Sep 03
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Roxboro, North Carolina
  • Mini Fridge
  • 14

I purchased a mini fridge for my daughter's dorm room. The first fridge started leaking water and making loud noises after 4months. The second fridge arrived damaged with a huge dent in the side and the back of the unit. I called Haier to complain about the damage to the second fridge that was possibly done during delivery and I was told that I had to file a complaint with Omni Logistics (the... Read more

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I bought a Haier ac unit. I put the unit in and I never began to blow cold air. I then called haier and the told me to take it to a service center about 50 minutes away. Add comment


  • Jul 24
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Haier Washer Dryer
  • 24

I purchased a Haier washer and dryer In dec. 2012. Neither unit worked well from the beginning. The washer knots clothes and has failed twice under warranty, and now the dryer has failed but haier said it is out of warranty and the company they gave me for a service call will not return my call. Both units have been noisy and troublesome since day 1. I wish I never purchased Haier. Not only... Read more

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  • Jul 07
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Haier Air Conditioner
  • 18

I bought it as a back up unit and did not use often, the 2nd season did not work called for service, the had no local service company. the had a company come some 100 miles out of Maryland. they took the unit had it for a bout 4 to 5 weeks. got it back in mid August. so I did not bother to put it in. Went to us it this season it's not working. called Haier they told me it is now out of warranty.... Read more

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  • May 23
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Okanogan, Washington
  • Poor Quality Appliances
  • 59

About 1 year ago, I purchased a 22" TV from The Brick. I took it home and it had nothing but a blue screen. When I last submitted a complaint, I spoke of a 19" TV not a 22" in an earlier complaint. Took it back to the store. They told me that it had to go back to Haier. I contacted your company. I was asked to send the model/serial# tag, which I did. A while later, I received another 22" TV... Read more

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  • May 22
  • Television/ Radio
  • Penticton, British Columbia
  • Tv Malfunction
  • 36

T ook the TV home. It had nothing but a blue screen, no matter what was done. Took it back to the store. They told me that I had to contact Haier directly, which I did. Got some reference depot from the U.S. it died. Was told to remove the model tag with numbers from the back and send it in. Got a call from Haier saying that they would be sending out a replacement. It arrived about 4-5 weeks... Read more

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